Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't wear chapstick at night in Freeport!

Aziz and I on Lucaya beach

I have been here for a few days now. It is beautiful and I am having a great time. But really who wouldn't in Freeport? I'm sure when school starts homesickness will rear it's ugly head. But then again, skype might keep that from happening! I LOVE skype!! I am having a wonderful time with my roommates and Sara (Goutami's friend). We all jive really well together. I am learning lots of things from them. For one, how to cook. They have made steak with mango chili toppings, homemade balsamic vinegarette, daal, Indian chicken curry, and um fried plantains.

The weather here has been amazing until today. We attempted to go to the beach multiple times but there were thunderstorms and we couldn't :( Tomorrow will be a better day.

We have gone to two different beaches. Lucaya is within walking distance and I have the blisters to show for it! The other is Taino beach, which is a little further, but still dang close. Lucaya is a bit more touristy and rightfully so...the water is gorgeous, there are lots of sea shells, and the beach is clean. Taino is more where the locals go and is a smaller beach. It is beautiful too, but there is more plant life and grass and seaweed. BUT, Taino has a couple little bars and live music which is nice. At Taino beach we met the rugby team and made friends with them. They took Goutami and Sarah out dancing, but Aziz and I were party poopers and went to bed. The sun is exhausting!


Taino Beach

Hanging with the Rugby boys at sunset on Taino beach
I did a front flip off the tall platform ;)

Our house is gorgeous. I have a very large bedroom with my own bathroom, which is nice, but my roommates are so cool, I wouldn't mind sharing. There are lizards that live with us and all around outside; they call them curly tailed lizards.

There are tonz of bugs and centipede looking things all over, which I don't mind. I love bugs. I try not to kill them, but I accidentally flushed a centipede down the toilet and stepped on a few :( Aziz is all about killing the bugs. Hilarious. One lesson I have learned here is that I can't put on chapstick before bed. I woke up last night with two bugs stuck to my lips. Eew. I accidentally chewed them. I was dreaming or something and licked my lips and squashed them in my mouth. I spit them out and chugged some water. Eek.

Our house is the apt on the left

Our patio

My future villa on Lucaya beach

We are learning a lot about where to shop...there are certain places to get certain things. For example, some places have really great deals like Costco (it's called Cost Rite here) but their cereal is expensive. We will go to the grocery store by the school to get our cereal. It has good deals on some things but not others as well.

We met some of the other students today and they all seem really nice. Some were from NY, Connecticut, and Texas. Most of us are women. Aziz (my roommate) will be happy about this! We are going to Red Beards bar for dinner and drinks tonight. And to play darts! So excited about that. Aziz complained that we were making him do "girl things" and that he wanted to do a "guy thing" and go to the bar. I think that according to Aziz, girl things are just anything girls do...because I don't see how going to the beach is gender specific. Hilarious.

Aziz reminds me to much of Schad it's funny. He is a momma's boy just like Schaddy. He needs us to help him do his laundry. LOL.

I have not done my hair or makeup since I've been here, and I think I'm boycotting doing my hair. It is like impossible to turn on the blowdryer with the heat. I might just let it go and leave it curly and do the minimal makeup thing...even that is a chore. It just melts right off anyway.

I'm excited to get this show on the road and study my ass off. I have been hearing that Dominica is even more beautiful than the Bahamas.

We are getting ready to head out so I will update later! Probably after Orientation on Friday :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Almost there

My mom says it's totally different but I feel like I am going to a party with people I don't know without my own car, so I am stranded. It sucks. But I am starting to feel less anxious a little bit. Right now I'm mostly anxious about getting all my last minute things packed, forgetting important items, and spending quality time with everyone before I go. It makes me anxious that lots of people want to see me before I leave...I feel like there is not enough time in the day to see everyone and pack and chill out a bit. I need some time to collect myself! But really I do want to see everyone.

I am taking little momentos of my family to remind me of if you are reading this and I don't have something from you, hook it up! I am taking a little clay box that my dad made, a picture in a frame of me and Jare, and my prayer beads to remind me of home and keep me grounded. Plus I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of praying!! I am taking a photo album with all my friends, family, and each puppy and lizard. You are probably in there and don't even know it. And most importantly, I am taking my mom's 22 year sobriety chip that she presented me with 2 years ago (she has 24 years now. GO MOM!!!!) at CA. It will remind me that medical school is a small feat compared to what she went through to get sober, while raising 2 kids all alone, maintaining 3 jobs and going to school full time. What an amazing woman my momma is. I should be so lucky to turn out like her. That chip will help me get through all of this.

I am really bummed that I don't have one of my grandpa's lucky rocks that he carried around in his pocket for probably 40 years. I miss him like crazy and wish he could be here now. Maybe he is.

My cute girl Cyrus left me her own momento too. While packing I found a bone buried in my clothes and had a big meltdown. I love that girl. I left it there.

I have some great friends. In the last week I had a dinner party, went out with my friends, and last night Ty and Jare cooked us dinner at Ty and Jennies. I love all these crazy people in my life. I'll include some pics in this post...I have hundreds so I'll narrow it down to a few or ten ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

One week from today...

I can't believe how fast time has gone by since I got my acceptance to MERP. I am trying to be really positive about the journey I am about to embark on. I am very excited, but very anticipatory at this point. This is my dream and two years away from Jared isn't THAT long. And 4 years away from my family is nothing compared to a lifetime. Utah will always be my home and I'll look forward coming back here to buy a home with the love of my life (close to my momma and puppies of course!). Haha.

I thought right now would be the perfect time to post some pictures of my future school and the island of Dominica...presuming that I kick ass in the Bahamas in these next few months (I will) and advance on to the September class!

Not white beaches but just as beautiful
This is the "hiking" island...many pictures like this.
Beautiful rivers
Welcome to the old volcanic island

The upper and lower deck of the university
Apartments on the island for students
Ross U School of Medicine
Foggy Dominica from a plane

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Isn't it obvious?

I don't want to go because of these people. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm excited when I'm not. I may be a Negative Nelly right now, but I am being honest. I am terrified. Any other person would probably be excited to leave and experience another culture...but I've always gone against the grain anyway. I'm not a conformist in any way. I believe my beliefs and values are the reason I was accepted to this medical program. I was brutally honest in my interview...talking about how I was raised by a single mother, my father was incarcerated, and I was a non-religious person living in state that highly values religion.

I have been through many hardships in my life. And I have experienced more deaths in my 25 years than a person should experience in a lifetime. I chose this career so that I can help people live long, happy and fulfilling lives. The value of human life is inestimable. I have to keep reminding myself of this, or I won't go!

Jare and the family threw me an amazing party. His cute mom and sister decorated the church tables all in purple (my fav color), and if that wasn't enough, they got me Cadbury eggs and made me blonde brownies. My three vices in life (ok...I have a temporary 4th, until I can get my anxiety under control) are treats, the best being cadbury eggs, fine coffee, and diet coke with lime! Gosh I hope they have DCL in the Bahamas and the Dominica. Oh, Mare and Brent were sweet enough to purchase all the delicious food for my party too (Thanks again you you)...and plenty of DC and fresh cut limes. I love my family. Originally I had intended for this blog to be for other students wanting to go to medical school, but I'm starting to realize that my love for my family might be kind of boring to other maybe it'll just be a blog for you guys ;)

Cute Jare was so considerate and got me fruits, veggies, and a main course since I'm such a pain and require a "well-balanced meal" for dinner! Although I drive him nuts, he still caters to my quirky habits (demands lol). He picked out tons of fruit and veggies, including my favorite salad, made his delicious home-made enchiladas, a spin-off of skootchiladas ;), and cut up lots of limes for diet coke. And he planned the whole shebang! I love that man.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jare, Mom, and Schad time...Skiing

Have I said how much I love my family? We went skiing for the first time this season...kinda ridiculous, but we got busy. Jare is working his butt off tutoring/disciplining/and now teaching PE! (Grats Jare!) and working as a lifty at Solitude...and on top of all of this he is going to school full time. So proud of him. Mom is working for Choice Humanitarian now, on top of running the Laney Apts, MAD Apts, starting her Real Estate business, and taking care of all the dogs! Schaddy D is rockin' it at Office of the President at ebay and going to school full time. He keeps saying it is the "end of an era" because I am moving, Jare is moving back to Laney (yay) and he is considering moving to Cali to become best friends with the CEO of ebay. He is funny. I love brother even if he is self-centered and annoying 99% of the time.

I LOVE my family. Sometimes I think maybe the reason I don't want kids is because I love my family soooo much that I literally have no more love to give. That sounded really cynical...but isn't a blog like a journal? Kinda? Just sayin'. There are about a million other reasons I don't want kids if that helps at all. But this is for another post! Anyway, we had a riot skiing. Mom's friend Heather was able to join us and the 5 of us had a riot. Jare and Mom: this is an official request for ski's for Christmas for when I come home for the Holidays this year ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My going away party!

Jennie threw me the best going away party a girl could ask for... and I didn't even get drunk and cry. I was told by my mom that if I got drunk and cried, she was leaving. I wanted to remember the night, so I did really well. There was dancing, bull riding, and a lot of laughs. Thanks to all my family and friends. I love you all more than you will ever know.